We can offer various type of pumps such as centrifugal, reciprocating, diaphragm etc. conforming to stringent manufacturing standards as per the clients' requirement for applications like process, chemicals, viscous fluids and many more

Metering and Dosing skids

The metering skids consist of metering pumps, controllers, sensors and tanks as well as system assembly. We can provide solutions for both gases, liquids, polymers and solids too

Blowers and Fans

Blowers and fans are used for applications involoving constant high flow rates across considerable distances. These can be centrifugal, lobe or screw blowers, axial fans. We can also provide these for corrosive gases.

Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen PSA generators for insdustrial and testing applications. The adsorbers are filled with very high-quality Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) preferentially adsorb Oxygen, CO and Co2 whereas Nitrogen is not adsorbed by CMS due to its larger molecular size and lower diffusivity which then passes through the vessel to the surge tank.