CORE has been a pioneer in the field of Nuclear Projects since our inception and all the critical and even industry first projects that we have executed over the years for the Indian Nuclear industry is in itself a testament to our broad capabilities and technological supremacy. We have a dedicated team working upon Nuclear specific projects who have relevant experiences and expertise in using stringent standards such as ASME Section III ND & NC, ASHRAE standards and foreign reference standards such as GOST used in Russia, DIN used in Germany etc. to name a few. This allows us to have a seamless technology transfer from our foreign partners to the Indian industry and to meet the clients requirement as per their specifications.

We are equipped to undertake the following types of projects


  • Hot cell dismantling

Spent fuel Management

  • Borated steel racks

  • Spent fuel transportation casks

  • Spent fuel handling machines

Nuclear waste Management

  • Incinerators, pyrolysis

  • Super compactors

  • Cementation technologies

  • Near surface disposal

Radiation protection / Monitoring

  • Waste drum monitoring

  • Neutron flux monitoring

  • Automated radiation monitoring systems

  • Containment monitoring system

Automation & Robotics

  • Crawlers

  • Manipulator arms

  • Underwater ROV


  • Electrical Penetration Assembly

  • HT Transformers

  • Switchyards

  • Substation


  • Compressors

  • Pumps

  • Chillers

  • Valves

  • HEPA filters

  • Blowers

  • Ventilation Channel Closing Devices

  • Liquid Ring Compressors / Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

  • Hydraulic / Mechanical snubbers

  • Plate Heat Exchangers

  • Multi effect desalination systems

Control & Instrumentation

  • Underwater cameras

  • Radiation resistant cameras

  • Automatic Fire Protection systems

  • Integrated communication systems

  • Hydrogen leak detection system

  • Ultrasonic steam flow meters

  • Radiation resistant transmitters

  • Smart fencing solutions

Operational support

  • Supervision and planning of civil construction

  • Plant operation and maintenance

  • Shutdown maintenance

  • Equipment overhauling