NIKIRET, a subsidiary of Russia’s Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation and India’s CORE Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement to promote Technical Security Equipment (TSE) in India.

According to the contract, CORE Energy Systems will buy Technical Security Equipment from Production Company “Start” and promote it in India as an integrated security systems & solutions.

The contract was signed by Vadim Pervuninskikh, director of NIKIRET and Nagesh Basarkar, chairman & MD of CORE Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. “Integrated security systems are a group of technical protective means intended for organization of alarm security subsystems, monitoring of access control subsystems, monitoring of CCTV subsystems, performance of warning function.

“Scientific and technical cooperation has been an important pillar of the India-Russia strategic partnership. This partnership with NIKIRET is a major milestone towards sourcing of technology and equipment from Russia and developing security systems and solutions for defense sector and other strategic installations like nuclear, oil and gas in India” said Nagesh Basarkar, Chairman and Managing Director of CORE.

The two companies will jointly explore the opportunities and provide a wide range of services including Access control and security system, Data acquisition and Processing, Mobile security system.