Early Years
  • Incorporated the Company CORE Engineering Services as a Partnership Firm in the Year 1997.
  • The first Business was trading of Elf Lubricating Oil for Automotive Market in the year 1998
  • Association with Ingersoll Dresser Pump as their Authorized Distributor in the year 1999, which was our first foray in to capital equipments
  • Sales & Service of Equipments, Spares , Components.
  • Import of various critical equipment for supply in Indian Industry for vital Projects.
  • Representation of various renowned OEM's.
  • In the Year 2004, the Company was converted to a Pvt. Ltd. firm CORE Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Later Years
  • Focus on systems & projects.
  • Development of Design, Engineering, Procurement & Execution team for undertaking turnkey projects for individual packages, like compressed Air, Pumping, Air Conditioning etc.
  • Ability to package & deliver various systems.
  • Business Association with several leading Manufacturers for Packaging, Assembly, Supply of Systems to Indian Industry.
  • Development of Operation & Maintenance team in niche sector like Nuclear Industry, Oil & Gas Industry etc.
Upcoming Years
  • EPC Contract for complete Packages and mega packages.
  • Design & Engineering Consultancy
  • Operation & Maintenance of entire Plant.
  • Specialized Operation & Maintenance services in critical nuclear field.
  • Collaboration/ partnership with overseas Manufacturers & services providers for providing Hi-tech services to the Nuclear Industry.
  • Set-up Manufacturing and Assembly plant of various equipments & Products thru Joint Venture, Collaborations with reputed manufacturers.
  • Domain Expertise in Nuclear Industry & Oil & Gas sector.
  • Hot shop engineering workshop for carrying out Repairs & Maintenance activities, Refurbishing of Radioactive equipments. Components etc.
Company Profile
Chairman's Msssage
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